Reasons To Have a House Generator Installed By Burlington Electrical Services

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Reasons To Have a House Generator Installed By Burlington Electrical Services

Residential generators come in handy in times when you need backup of power following an outage or other electrical problems. Investing in a whole house generator may seem a costly undertaking, however, when you have it you solve so many problems.

It is important that every time you install, repair, or service the whole house generator you call in licensed Burlington electrical services.

  • When a Residential Generator is Needed?

If you or your family member has a medical equipment that is operated by electricity, you should consider a residential generator. A patient at home who is under in-home dialysis, a respiratory equipment, or oxygen machine needs to have constantly supply of electricity. Things can get critical when there is no electricity and no backup generator or the generator is not functioning.

A generator may also be required if you are located in an area that experiences frequent, untimely blackouts. Also, if you’re in an area where pipes tend to freeze and burst you also want to have a generator. If your furnace uses electricity and it’s approaching winter when you most need it working, then a generator may be an attractive option. Other reasons you want to have a generator is if you own a well that requires electricity to pump water.

  • Which Fuel to Use

A residential generator may use propane, natural gas, or diesel but the choice of fuel will depend on other factors. If you use natural gas for other purposes, maybe cooking, then you as well use it for the generator. You may use liquid propane if your furnace uses it. Diesel may be another option but it will require you to use fuel additive because diesel may go bad if you don’t add the additives.

  • Should You Be Worried of Noise?

Different generators have varying noise levels and it depends on the make and style you choose. Many home generators are designed to have low noise and are more neighborhood-friendly. You can have a generator that releases the same amount of noise as a vacuum cleaner or even less.

  • The Installation


Before you can install a residential generator, you need to have an electrical permit as well as inspection done. A licensed Burlington electrician from may help you decide the size and style that can suit your needs. You will need substantial amount of money for the purchase and installation, but these days, generators costs much less than it used to be. However, there are maintenance costs you have to meet. If the generator runs for many hours or it stays unused for a year, you will need it serviced by an experienced electrician.

You will need to have a backup generator in your home if you have electricity outages or if you have equipment that cannot run without power. The best way to have the generator installed the right way and maintained in good shape is to have Burlington electrical services do the installation and maintenance. This way, you will have it running for many years without experiencing major repair or breakdown issues.

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