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Commercial outlet box installation-advice by a commercial electrician

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Commercial outlet box installation-advice by a commercial electrician

We’re gonna show how to put these things together the easy way.
Hopefully we have to fish everything behind a steel grate basically in this style of commercial receptacle and and in this stuff the code is you always use a 20 amp one.
There were a little bit more heavy-duty than what you might see in a house.

What you’re not gonna see on these usually is some little hole at the back where you can just kind of insert the wires and tighten it down. It does get wrapped around the screw. what you’ll see here though is a little hole one side of this a little more complex one side smaller.
This is what basically corresponds at a green ground. The black wire is always going to be this one and then here if you’ll notice these a color-coded one the white one’s gonna be kind of the brass color.
What you do is you stick the wire in this hole and you’re gonna have a fair amount of it stripped off to get this to go right it in the hole it don’t fit and then pull it around a screw and then hit that with the impact driver and then that’s what you’ll end up with.  It’s gonna be nice and tight what a lot of people do is they just want to bend a little sheets hook on that stick it around the screw and tighten it down. That does work but when you stick it in the hole in putting around the screw if something strips out or goes wrong with that screw chances are you’ve still got a relatively good connection right there.

So we’ll get a couple of these put together and then go to the next stage.
A little addendum I put one in and then I undid it just to show you how that wire ends up looking. See all that looks that I mean it goes in your sort of ways but we’re talking twisting it around and that’s why these things stay relatively tight.
If you are not sure get the help of a commercial electrician.
Once you’ve tighten that down what this doesn’t work well with is stranded wire and so for these types of applications when we’re making the pigtails we really want to make that solid.

Basically the way it works is you know everything is color-coded with us so you know once the box gets bolted to whatever it’s going to go to here we use self-tapping screws by attaching this to the faceplate on commercial installations has to be all three you know.

If it’s the do-it-yourselfer at home thing you’re actually in pretty good shape with just the center one requires a little bit of modification so it fits.

The other thing on a commercial box this is on a store display yes it’s a 4-inch box with only a single wide it gives us plenty of room for these wider longer wires and everything

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How to fix the shingles in your Toronto Roof

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How to fix the shingles in your Toronto Roof

If you leave in Toronto, you’re subject to heavy storms you run the risk of the wind taking off a couple of shingles.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to put in the back on.
Had a storm yesterday they notice this morning a couple of shingles were off.
Fortunately didn’t rip the shingles to just pop them off the nails.
I’m gonna reuse these shingles.

If you need to replace shingles hopefully if you had your roof done you have some extras the first thing you need to remember when you’re doing a repair like this is if you have the slightest apprehension about good and getting up on your roof and being off to ground.

You need to hire a toronto roofing company to fix this for you but I’m comfortable with it.
I’ve done it a lot so let me bring in and I’ll show you how easy it is to fix this and your toronto roof will be watertight in no time.
So it just ripped the shingles off the nails I’m not gonna pull the nails out because that’ll make it that’s just another hole that has to be fixed.
What I am gonna do is just clean out any crap around them just hit it with a little roofing caulk underneath just to kind of seal that nail hole probably not completely necessary and then just drive in those nails.

I’m just gonna put a couple staples in the tar paper then the tar paper is actually what makes your house watertight. If you actually didn’t have shingles on your roof but you had the felt paper down your watertight so you don’t really have to worry about that roof shingles go on from bottom up.

I’m just gonna line up my first shingle with the previous course and I’m just gonna drive a few nails.

I’m not going to go through the same holes but you see this line of the tar that’s where you want to put your nails and it’s just about an inch and a half or so.


I’m gonna put four per single so before I put the second course on I’m just going to put a couple dabs of the roofing caulk where the old hole was that way you’ll get a seal and then I’m also going to go underneath & put a couple dabs for this course as well.

I just line up the next course I got to tuck it up under your shingles where I need to in this last one I just pull the flap up and then a couple dabs.

The last thing I have to do is just cut it to length tuck it up and I’m back in business.

So, repairing this roof wasn’t that difficult I would say the hardest part about this project is just climbing the ladder and getting on the roof but if you’re comfortable with Heights and climbing onto your roof you can do this project.

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